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Campus Sustainability Fund:

The Campus Sustainability Fund at University of Washington is a “by-the-students, for-the-students” grant organization that makes available over $300,000 a year for on-campus, student-led sustainability projects. We are funded through a quarterly tuition fee that was put into place by a grassroots student campaign.

Prior Achievements: Since our founding in 2010, we’ve helped over 70 diverse teams implement projects ranging greatly in both scale and focus. Whether students need $100,000 for a restoration project or a solar array, or just $1,000 for an environmental education event, we’re here to make it happen.

Current projects (2015-2016): By the end of this school year, we anticipate we will fund 20 projects. Roughly half of these projects are “mini-grants” which are under $1,000 and marketed towards shorter timeline projects. For a full list of projects, check our website:

2016-2017 Projects: We will continue to reach out to the campus community and empower students to make tangible change. Our tactics will include:

-increased marketing for the “mini-grants” program

-greater inclusivity efforts to engage underrepresented departments

development of mentorship program with corporate partner Starbucks

-launch of new CSF “Ideathon” competition

-increased engagement of volunteer base

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Questions? Contact Veronica Guenther, CSF Outreach Coordinator at: [email protected]CSF Logo