University of Puget Sound

University of Puget Sound

Environmental Campus Outreach (ECO) functions to channel student voice regarding environmental concerns in the Puget Sound Community, works to educate and raise awareness about sustainable behavior and institutional initiatives on campus. We work with Sustainability Advisory Committee, Residence Life, Dining and Conference Services, Environmental Policy Department, The Garden Club and Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound to reduce negative environmental impacts on campus and in the surrounding community. Additionally, we utilize off campus interactions to apply our sustainability practices and ideals to real world situations and in order establish ourselves in a global environmental community.

We represent sustainability on campus because it helps to instill a sense of personal responsibility within the members of the Puget Sound community which hopefully resonates within these individuals and will carry over into their personal lives. We strive to be a catalyst for personal responsibility and sustainability projects in the broader campus community.

Some successful projects we have completed this year include hosting sustainability events during earth week, holding a film screening on plastic bottles including a panel on divestment with trustee members. We have a Student Market where twice a semester students can sell handmade products, secondhand clothing, or similar items, we started a Beyond Coal Campaign, took part in Direct Action Training, and are interested in and involved with issues regarding food salvage and the Tacoma Methanol Refinery.

 Some ongoing projects as of 2015-2016 are starting a bottle ban or limiting the sale of bottled water on campus, divesting from fossil fuel consumption, involvement with the Save the Bees Campaign, and the Solar Washington campaign. We will be continuing these projects in the 2016-2017 academic year.


Contact us at: [email protected]
CCN School Contact: Lisa Grimm ([email protected])