Reed College

Reed College


Greenboard provides a forum for individuals to affect change and welcomes a diversity of methods including education, advocacy and direct action. Greenboard is committed to improving on-campus sustainability as well as collaborating with the well established environmental community of the greater Portland area. Through our organizing efforts, we have become leaders in the youth climate movement. Our overall goal is to foster a culture of sustainability at Reed. By this we mean that community members would feel personally invested in reducing Reed’s negative environmental impact, and furthering Reed’s positive environmental impact. We believe that a key component of living honorably is to value sustainable behaviors and interactions not only with other people, but also with the land on which we live.

Current Projects:

  • Institutionalizing composting on campus
  • Reducing the amount of money spent on replacing cafeteria dishes
    • This will increase the amount of money available to buy more sustainable dishes and/or invest in reusable coffee cups.
  • Continuing our annual “Canyon Day,” a day of campus-wide volunteering with various projects to help the Reed Canyon.
  • Inviting more speakers to come to Greenboard meetings to talk about other projects.

School contact:  Liv Depies ([email protected])